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How does mindfulness affect common cognitive biases? Or related to intuitive versus deliberate thinking?

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How do the motivations for health versus wellness consumption differ?

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What is the process of fantasizing? What is the consumer inner experience and how does it affect consumption?

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How does the content and organization of thoughts about Social Security claiming affect when people claim? How can we use consumer thoughts to guide later claiming?

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How do we consume based on perception of time and relatedly, frequency of mind wandering?

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What can we predict about behavior from the content of people's fantasies?

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I'm a 3rd year consumer behavior PhD student at Columbia Business School. I'm interested in answering the big questions of life, and helping others do so as well. What's going on in our minds? What makes us happy? How can we work hard and spend our money on the right things?Through my research I hope to help others to choose and consume better for their health and wellness. I'm also working towards a certification from the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching and working with students through Columbia University's Alice! Health Promotion. I'm also hoping to one day soon develop curriculum or training in how to consume for well-being.

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